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tv   Michigan Electors Vote in Lansing  CSPAN  December 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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>> sergeants, will you please collect the ballots and tally them? [crowd noise]
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>> thank you. donald j. trump received 16 electoral votes from the state of michigan. [applause] [applause]
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governor snyder: it's very exciting. we have more work to be done. nominations are in order for the office of vice president of the united states. i recognize joseph guzman for the purpose of nomination. >> mr. chairman, it is a distinct honor to to nominate governor mike pence for vice president of the united states. governor: great, i appreciate that. do we have a second? we have a second. are there any other nominations for the office of vice president of the united states? hearing none, i call for a vote by ballot.
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sergeants, would you please step forward and distribute the ballots for the office of vice president of the united states? thank you please indicate your vote by writing the name of the candidate of your preference.
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sergeants, please collect the ballots and tally them. it's good we have the next generation of democracy up here with us. [laughter]]
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>> i am pleased to report mike pence received all 16 votes from the state of michigan. [applause] [applause continues] gov. snyder: congratulations to donald j. trump and mike pence for their elections. thank you for your good work. [applause]
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gov. snyder: we have more work to be done, though. we're going to put you to work again. it is now time to sign the certificates of vote for president and vice president. each elector must sign each of the six certificates to certify donald j. trump for the office of president of the united states and governor mike pence for the office of vice president of the united states. i invite all electors to come forward and sign the certificates. the sergeant-at-arms will begin releasing the electors one by one. we'll ask you to come forward and sign six times and the sergeants will come get you, put your signatures down. [applause]
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gov. snyder: thank you, electors, i appreciate your patience. i believe we completed the process. the 2016 electoral college will send one certificate by registered mail to the president of the united states senate and one to chief judge robert yonker of the united states district court for the western district of michigan. two certificates will be delivered to the michigan secretary of state and two certificates will be delivered to the archivist of the united states, national archives and records administration in washington, d.c. i now invite all electors to come forward and sign the envelopes. the sergeant-at-arms will begin by releasing electors one at a time. now that you've signed those six, we have to put them in the appropriate envelopes with your
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signature, so we're asking you to get up and make another trip. this is in line with healthy michigan. you're getting your steps in today. [applause] gov. snyder: thank you,
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electors, i appreciate your patience. i appreciate your patience in the gallery. it's great to have such a great group of people here today to
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witness this historic moment. i think you for that. our benediction today will be by bishop isaac combs. thank you for your invocation. you will have us have a strong close here. [applause] bishop: as we all rise in the spirit of humility, let us give a round of applause for this great victory this evening. put your hands together for donald j. trump and vice president, mike pence. we bow our heads at this time. now, lord, our heavenly father, we bow our heads again and in thanksgiving we reflect on this monumental and transformational victory that you have wrought in the politics of this nation that has had, lord god, an amazing
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experience on all of the continents of the earth. strengthen, now, the president-elect to carry out the planks and the platform of his campaign that he's promised to the american people. give us all the fortitude and constitution to stand with him as he executes the same -- jobs, a strong border, a stable economy, cut in taxes and protection of the life of the unborn. now, oh, god, we ask that you send help from your sanctuary and bless our governor. look on the members of law enforcement. strengthen the rule of law. those in the military, protect them and engender their families and as we close this session, let us go and celebrate the holiday season with an attitude of appreciation and thanksgiving, world without end, the name of christ jesus, everyone say amen. >> amen. bishop: say amen again. >> amen.
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[applause] >> merry christmas, happy new year. >> thank you. [applause] governor snyder: thank you, bishop. we're almost done with the official business. one more act. the chair will now entertain a motion to adjourn. i have a motion, do i have a second? there has been a motion to adjourn and a second. all in favor signify by saying aye. >> aye. governor snyder: all opposed, say nay. the 2016 presidential electoral college is now adjourned. will all official and honorary electors please move to the front of the chamber for purpose of taking a commemorative photo of michigan's 2016 electoral college and i thank you for your service today on electing a new president and vice president. thank you so much. [applause]
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announcer: c-span washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that affect you. coming up tuesday morning, usa today investigative reporter will discuss the investigation into drinking water systems in small communities across the nation which found people in many of these systems were drinking untested water. then, mark levinson talks about his book, "an extraordinary time." his book argues the rest verity and growth in the years after world war ii were and abolition and we are now coming to
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reality. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal," coming to live it every morning at 7:00 a.m. here on c-span. electoral college of official he cast their ballots confirming the election of president elect arnold j trump. -- president-elect donald j. trump. we take a look at pennsylvania, illinois, new york, and michigan. first, we hear from a reporter on the process. >> tuesday night on c-span, a conversation with entrepreneur jerry greenfield of men and jerry's ice cream on the decision to start a business. here is a look. >> because, you know, then and i wanted to have a little ice cream shop and we wanted to make
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and scoop ice cream to our customers and when we found --selves becoming a is this, becoming a business, we really did not like it. you know, for you guys who are students here you may have grandsons who lived through the 60's. you guys have read about the 1960's in history books and peace and love and hippies and all that stuff. that was then and me. we had all these negative feelings about business and so we were actually going to get out of the business and then three and a friend of his who convinced him that there were things we did not like about ofiness, if we thought businesses as these entities that took advantage of employees or spoiled the environment or
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exploited communities. and that is the way we saw business clearly. that is who we were. that if we did not like those things we could just change them. that we could essentially make our business anything we wanted it to be and so we made a conscious decision to try to have our business involved into something that supported employees, supported the community, and did not destroy the environment. announcer: to say, we will look at entrepreneurs jerry greenfield of then and jerry on responsible business practices and, a look at diversity in silicon valley. that is at 8:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. british prime minister theresa may testifies tuesday on the process for the u.k. exit from the european union.
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we are live from the house of commons liaison committee at 9:00 a.m. eastern on c-span two. >> sunday, january one, in depth will feature a live discussion on the residency of barack obama. we are taking your phone calls, tweets, facebook questions at hand -- during the program. inhor of the presidency black and white, a look up close. princeton university professor, ,"thor of "democracy in black and a prize-winning journalist and associate editor of the post, author of "barack obama: the story." on january c-span2, sunday one. >> c-span spoke to some of the incoming members of the congress
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when they came to the capital for orientation. here is a look. representative elect pramila jayapal, tell us about your background. pramila: i came to the united states by myself when i was 16-years-old. about $5,000 in their bank account and they use the hoping to send me her for college. i feel the opportunity i have had is to go from that girl to now heading to service congresswoman from the seventh congressional district. the american dream. it is why i devoted the last 25 years of my life to other people getting to have that opportunity i had. >> what impacted the experience you had as a young girl have on who you are today? ram: it is a huge impact. it is why i have spent so much time working


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